Phill Calvert

Probably better known for his role as drummer in The Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Psychedelic Furs and Blue Ruin, Phill has more recently been involved in recording and producing young artists in his home town of Melbourne.

In his purpose built studio in Port Melbourne, Phill has everything at his disposal to produce world class quality recordings.

Through working with some amazing artists and seeing the apparent apathy towards many from the established labels has led to Phill establishing Behind the Beat Records as a label.

The aim being to create a conduit for unsigned young Melbourne artists, that Phill believes have what it takes, to be recorded produced and released in a manner that gives them the best chance of succeeding in the international market.

Ben Ling

The quiet achiever.

Whilst you will always hear the noise when a drummer is about, you often don’t have to look far to find the man behind the sound.

Nothing Happens at Behind the Beat without Ben Ling. Whether it is the guitar part a song is screaming for, or some piece of sonic distortion….you can barely hear. Another pair of ears on a mix, or a “cheesy” organ part. A custom guitar or amp that brings a sound, or the guts to say “That’s not the take”! Well, That’s Ben.

You will never know if that is a Ben on one of our records or not. But, let me tell you there would be no records from Behind the Beat without Ben.