Behind the Beat Records has been set up to foster and promote great young talent from Melbourne.

If you are a young band / artist from Melbourne and you think that you have what it takes to make it on the world stage; then contact us at Behind the Beat.

Disclaimer – Please don’t get all teary eyed if we aren’t the label for you, as this is a tough business and we sadly do not have bottomless bank account…nor are we a major label. It won’t be that we think you are crap….It will be that we only have resources to do limited releases properly.

We are small and we want to grow. No point in doing 10 projects badly, when we could do one or two in a year and do them really well.

Here’s the criteria.

  • Original artist or band
  • From Melbourne or permanently based in Melbourne
  • Have not been released by another label
  • Preferably under 25 years of age (Sorry!!)
  • Committed (preferably not in an asylum)
  • Not in multiple bands or projects=focussed on their own project

Send demo – 2 songs only – in any format to:

Phill Calvert

Behind The Beat

170 Farrell St

Port Melbourne

VIC 3207

Physical demos will not be returned.

Please make sure that you include your full contact details.

Remember that the selection process is at the discretion of the label and is based completely on our own personal taste and level of excitement for the potential of the project.

Please read the “ABOUT“ section of the site for more information on our criteria, our attitude towards our artists and how we operate.